Mobile robots like Robobo can move around, allowing them to perform a lot of useful tasks. In this tutorial you will learn the basic operation of one of these blocks, which controls Robobo’s wheels.

To make it simpler, we won’t make an autonomous robot yet, we’ll make … a remote-controlled Robobo!


Before starting this challenge, we recommend that you read the following sections:


Create a program that moves the Robobo through remote control from the computer keyboard. By pressing the “up arrow, down arrow, right arrow and left arrow” keys, Robobo will move forward, backward or turn right or left. 

If you don’t know how to get started, here’s a little help, cheer up!



A possible solution to this challenge is the following, although there are many others. Which one is yours?


Once you have implemented this simple Robobo remote control, you can complicate it by adding speed control to the program: use one key to increase the speed of the wheels and another to reduce it.